November 21, 2018
Though he has worked practically everywhere in the United States, to Chuck Warren, Utah is special. Besides having served as the National Republican Congressional Committee Finance Chair for Utah and Arizona, Chuck has also played a key role in Utah Republican campaigns at virtually every level, to the point that he was once selected as one of “Campaigns and Elections” magazine’s Influencers 500 in 2013.

Chuck Warren always puts Utah first. Besides hosting the Utah-based “Inside America” radio show, he is also a prominent Utah businessman, as an equity owner in September Inc., managing director for Campaign Butler, LLC and Monolith Registries, LLC, as well as being a partner in Running with the Bulls, LLC. He even owns a Slices Pizza franchise. Mia Love even hired Chuck Warren to be her campaign finance co-chair for her successful campaign for the seat in Utah’s Fourth Congressional District. Now the managing director for Silver Bullet, LLC, Chuck Warren brings prestige to Utah.
May 24, 2018
As managing director for Silver Bullet, LLC, Chuck Warren has dealt with a variety of issues in a great many areas, including public affairs, crisis communication and initiative qualifications. He also represented a great many diverse clients, including large multinational corporations and high-profile law firms, of course, but he also represented municipalities, developers and many others.

Chuck Warren, Utah native son, has seen his influence grow to the point that he was selected as one of the “Influencers 500” for Campaigns and Elections magazine back in 2013. When Mia Love decided to run for Congress in Utah, she hired Chuck Warren as a campaign finance co-chair based on his high level of talent as a Republican fundraiser. Among the greatest attributes possessed by Chuck Warren, Utah Republican, is his ability and his aptitude for taking on the most difficult assignments possible and doing so in a way that gets the best results for whomever or whatever he is working for. He also has a gift for developing and adopting strategies that serve to raise awareness and complete projects on time and under budget.

Over the years, he has worked in nearly every other state, but to Chuck Warren, Utah will always be his favorite. Of course, one major reason for that is, he was born there. However, it is also because he has experienced his greatest success in the state, both politically and otherwise. He once served as the finance chair for Utah and Arizona for the National Republican Congressional Committee and he has also played important campaign finance roles for many Republican campaigns for president, as well as for the House and Senate.